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Digital business cards designed to generate new leads for Insurance Agents and more.

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Our clients include Toyota, Pizza Hut, Vodafone, Keller Williams, and many more.

Digital business cards help you be more effective at growing your network

Capture more leads

Increased sales effectiveness

Build your brand

Get more referrals

Everyone you share your card with can be followed up with later. 

Digital business cards improve lead generation and networking because they create a digital record of who you meet.

When clients save your contact details to their phone they are engaged and committed to hearing from you again.

Focus on these committed clients to close more sales.

Digital business cards can link to your website, social media, calendar, promotions and more.

Let your clients get to know you better in their own way.

Your clients carry your digital business card on their phone  wherever they go. 

When they want to refer you - your digital card is one tap away.

Join the thousands of professionals who already know our lead generating secret

“Digital business cards have helped me to easily capture contact information from potential clients in a way that paper cards do not. Whenever I meet a new potential client, I get their email or phone number to send them my card then I can easily follow up with them later.”

John Thomas - Broker (Owner) Mode Realty Group - Boise Idaho

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per month (when paid annually)

Included in your special price:

  • 2 awesome looking digital business cards (one for clients, and one for recruiting)
  • Share your cards with everyone you meet (unlimited supply)
  • Generate a new lead each time
  • Build your brand
  • Get more referrals
  • One annual payment (12 months)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I share my card with? Do they need the app as well?

You can share your card with anyone! Doesn’t matter what phone they have or whether they have the app, or not.

How can I share my card?

Download the app, create your card in seconds, and share it. There are lots of ways to share but to optimize your lead generation share via email or SMS - so you can always follow-up with them later.

Do I get a digital Email Signature as well?

Yes, digital Email Signatures are part of our Real Estate plan.

How secure is your service?

We take security very seriously. That’s why we are using top notch servers, protocols and industry best practices. 

Who owns the contacts on my app?

You and your business! We would never use your contacts, sell them to third parties or communicate with them directly.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

What features does my subscription include?

You can find out more about the digital cards here.


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